Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I said last week?

Um... yeah. Something about some other season that I can't think of the name of now...



On a lighter note, It WAS actually beautiful enough out to venture out (provided you don't have to drive) to a stunning theatrical performance of Grade 1 - 3 ers. Here is the LifeCandy family doing same:

(They're in there. Trust me)

It was also a lovely night for perfect snow angels:

If I get it together to write something intelligent around the roughly 200 pictures I took, I'll do more later. Otherwise, Nen will probably write up a review.
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  1. That is a classic Winnipeg photo --- it includes a Canada Post letter carrier drop box with graffiti, enough snow so that you can't really tell where the paved road stops and the boulevard begins, an outdoors hockey rink, and trees wearing tanglefoot bands!