Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some more reasons I have to colour my hair:

Somehow, even though I may have repressed it, I knew that there would be more of these stories as I documented the first ones. Which was probably why I started jotting them down. This weekend, Pepper was in rare form firing off idea after observation after mere interjection. I was left saying "WTF??" (still in my head. So far so good) on numerous occasions this weekend...

1. We went for fish & chips at Fergies at the Forks (best fish & chips. In The World.) Pepper's idea:

"If only we could go to a fish & chips festival. There could be fish & chips prizes, and toys, and shirts, and you could shoot fish & chips at targets, and have fish & chips colouring pages, and make up songs about fish & chips ..."

2. She (along with her brother and sister) was instructed to clear and then set the table for bre-un-pper (It was a meal it was sometime during the day today). She rushed into the kitchen with a great invention:

"Imagine if we had one big plate that went all around the table and you could eat each other's things. And we could twist the plate around and around to reach each other's things. Yeah that would be awesome, right?" [Yes, because you clearly don't fight enough at the dinner table]

3. Max & I were sitting finishing said random meal at the table. We do tend to forget the little ears are around sometimes. Particularly if we aren't talking of anything especially private or prone to require cussing to explain (it happens!) The radio was on and a Hinder song came on.

Me [giggling quietly to Max]: "I like this song: 'She wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire.'"
Pepper [assuming she's always been fully involved in the conversation]: "I would!"

4. She kept picking fights at dinner - between everyone else. Norah & I were both eyeing the last burger. Pepper: "Why don't you two arm-wrestle for it?" [turned out the more Norah ate of her first, the less she cared, and then we got into a discussion of reverse arm-wrestling to NOT eat it].

Then to Max and I. Similar deal. "I think you should wrestle for it" [instant "later" thoughts and knowing glances exchanged, of course]

Me: "Dad is much bigger than me, I wouldn't stand a chance"
Pepper: "Bigger isn't better"
Me: "He's stronger too"
Pepper: "That doesn't matter, because you're smaller, you could just twist around and ..." [you really do need the arm motions, complete with the hamburger in hand]
Me: "Maybe. But I don't know Kung-Fu"
Pepper [with a winky-winky]: "...or do you?"

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  1. Much as it pains me, I must dispute you on the best fish and chips in the world - I believe Ducky's has them. ;-}

  2. ooo... the gauntlet has been tossed (thrown? dropped?)

    I have been to Ducky's but it was more than 10 years ago. More research is in order.

  3. 1) F&C Festival --- good idea. I googled and there don't seem to be many F&C Festivals in the world. The ones that exist seem to be mainly in Australia.

    2) The great big plate idea, yeah, I've been to that meal with Winnipeg's Favourite Actor (TM) and it's not as much fun as it sounds as he drunkenly hoards all of the food. "It's mine!" he says.

    But an alternative that would be more fun? Really long forks you could use to snatch food away from someone else's plate. But don't make your own for manufacture, it's already patented.

  4. Where is Ducky's? I don't think I've ever been.

    The place at the forks is good... hey, the boy even had one bite of fish (wow! one whole bite!).