Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lessons from the Road Trip

* The prairies here are really, really flat (OK, so I've always known this, but it is highlighted every time we go out on the road. Especially in winter)

* Portable DVD players are the best invention to control kids in a car since the seat belt (actually a refresher lesson from two previous road trip)

* I need to get one that points the speakers to the BACKSEAT and not into the back of my head (it's attached to the headrest).

* Kids can hold it for a very long time when the alternative is a ditch full of snow and a windchill of -36.

* I can hold Max's hand for a really long time. I was going to credit the cruise control, but realized that I don't hold his foot.

* Eleven bathing suits are not enough for a family of five at a water-slide hotel for a weekend. Just for the record, I, personally only brought two.

* Despite my cat-like aversion to being wet, I can actually have fun on a water-slide (I just have to take my time getting in).

* Pepper now knows the you-are-lucky-you-are-BOTH-cute-AND-my-child-otherwise-I-would-eat-you look from mom. A result of premature moisturization. See previous point.

* Aaltos is too fancy a restaurant to put up the hood on your hoodie (statement from Norah).

* Even if you think the movie choice is acceptable (one of the first Star Wars chapters - I'll be in a cold, cold grave before I call them the first Star Wars movies), you probably shouldn't let your kids watch Spike TV on a Saturday evening. Unless you really want them to be aware of the advantages of Axe Body Wash.

* If you're by yourself, with kids safely in bed (Max playing in the tournament - oh yeah! The whole point of the road trip) Spike TV has some REALLY funny fare, so long as you view it that way. This was so bad I found it hilarious.

* You can try to secure down your fancy-schmancy hotel boom-box, but MY kids will make short work of it. Next time, use bolts, not hot-glue.

* Having a "theme" hotel room with a kids' room with a door is a *great* idea. Especially if you are doing things in the adult part that you don't want to have to try and explain to an inquisitive nine-year-old. Like watching CSI Miami. I can't even explain that to adults.

* If you're getting a "theme" room for any other reason than the point above [which is a good enough reason, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, no conscientious parents could watch CSI Miami with their kids sleeping in the next bed. And they would certainly have to suspend their conscientiousness, should they choose to do it anyway], don't bother. It's just a mural painted on the wall, albeit a good one. But I found it a little creepy sleeping next to Marlin & Dory staring at me. It was like they were judging us watching CSI Miami.

* Being on the "family" floor does not guarantee a non-party floor.

* I need to get to know some of these other families.

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  1. I always wonder who the partying families are, too. Us? We don't really "party" as a family. We hang out, we spend time together and we do activities. It's just that partying isn't one of them.

  2. I think they were in a tournament. Or curling. Or in a curling tournament. I wasn't watching their movements that closely. But I did notice that even though they're doors were always propped open, they were generally pretty quiet, especially for so many kids in the mix! I mean, you could *hear* them but they weren't rowdy. And Pepper noticed that they had FIVE pizza boxes outside the room door. They were having fun, and all together.