Thursday, February 10, 2011

31 Movies

I just wanted to see if I could name 31 movies. And possibly send a ripple through the Internets with a post from this source. (Start small, nice & light. See where it goes!)

This was under the direction of Nenette, who, herself, stole borrowed it. She's the source of my bestest memes.

Day #1: Favourite Movie – The Shawshank Redemption.

Day #2: Least Favourite Movie –
The Crush; Crash. Anything David Lynch.

Day #3: Favourite Comedy –
The Landlord (Will Farrell). OK, so it's only 2:21 long, a real one: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
. "I can't do 'this' (hand gestures to self) and 'that' (hand gestures to kids)" I use that All. The. Time.

Day #4: Favourite Adventure –
LOTR. Once you get past the Ghost Pirates, and realize you can just sit and watch Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen for 9 hours, all is well.

Day #5: Favourite Horror – None.

Day #6: Favourite Suspense/Thriller –
Toy Story III. Seriously! At the end, I thought I was going to have a stroke.

Day #7: Favourite Animated Movie –
Kung Fu Panda. There is no secret ingredient.

Day #8: Favourite Guilty Pleasure –
Troy. Except I don't feel guilty. It still counts if I *should* feel guilty, right? right?

Day #9: A Movie You Never Expected to Love –
Pulp Fiction; The Dark Knight.

Day #10: Biggest Let-Down –
Charlie's Angels. Although, to be fair, I didn't expect much. Yet, still, it disappointed.

Day #11: First Movie You Saw In Theatres –
Phantom of the Paradise. I think. There was probably something earlier than that.

Day #12: The Last Movie You Saw in Theatres –
Monsters vs. Aliens (I don't get out much)

Day #13: Favourite Documentary –
Fight Club.

Day #14: Favourite Satire – Legends of the Fall. There's no other way to watch that movie.

Day #15: A Movie with Your Favourite Actor –
Elizabeth – The Golden Age.
Cate & Clive

Day #16: Favourite Movie Based On a Book –
Fight Club

Day #17: Favourite Movie with an Actor You Hate –
Inception. Can't stand Leo.

Day #18: Movie You Can Watch On Loop –
Groundhog Day. Seriously. Also, Shawshank.

Day #19: Favourite Movie Based On a Historical Event –
Defiance, Munich.

Day #20: Favourite Movie Based On A Historical Figure –

Day #21: Favourite Musical –
Grease. In fact, the only musical I come close to liking.

Day #22: Most Over-Rated Movie –
Titanic. And yes, I've yet to see it.

Day #23: Most Under-Rated Movie –
Defiance. It was better than Schindler's List, in my opinion.

Day #24: Movie With Best Soundtrack –
The Matrix

Day #25: Favourite Black and White Movie –

Day #26: Cheesiest Horror Movie – All of them. Any of them.

Day #27: Favourite Oscar-Winning Movie –

Day #28: Favourite Made-For-Television Movie –
Thorn Birds. Shut up.

Day #29: Favourite Movie Based on a Television Series –
Starsky & Hutch

Day #30: Favourite Re-Make – I'd like to see
Inception remade with anyone but Leo. Even Carrot Top. Or Emo Phillips.

Day #31: Favourite Sequel –
Empire Strikes Back

There it is. It wasn't as hard as I thought! Now show me yours. In the comments or your own link.

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