Saturday, December 20, 2008

Evil mom makes son watch horror flicks

Oh the humanity! She forces him to sit there watching all manners of evil villains doing battle in the most blood-thirsty ways!

At least she lets him cover his face with "Cold Blanket" (his name for the blankie that Max's Grandma made for HIM as a baby. It's been through all three kids, but none took to it quite like Stewie)

Is it safe yet? NOOOO!

Wait... is that popcorn?

What are the unspeakable horrors this "mom" is exposing such innocent youth to?

That's right. Rudolph.

Here he is, desensitized (tonight he even had a meltdown because the girls wanted to watch "Here Comes Santa Claus" and he wanted to watch Rudolph!)

Say what you like about Evil Mom (or as he periodically spouts from the Time-Out Corner: "Bad Mommy!"), but it's not like she made him watch the updated version!

Have a Merry Freakin' Christmas!!

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