Monday, March 30, 2009

Monster Boobs... (AND a one-eyed monster for the ladies)

This is currently on our fridge...

...because the kids are all keyed up to see Monster vs Aliens, of course. And being the dutiful, indulgent parents we are, we will be indulging them. Eventually. They think it's tomorrow.

So imagine my shock & surprise. We were out at my parents place Saturday morning dropping the kids off for a Sleepover Adventure. We stayed for breakfast. My dad, in the midst of charming Saturday morning coffee and nibbles drops this (same edition of the paper) in front of me...

... and says "Do you think the placement of the pockets - particularly the buttons - was on purpose?"

Now, my Dad is the Kingpin cynic. Every fibre of my cynical being comes from intense life-long training. Every snarky, snippy sarcastic comment is channelling him (some, maybe he, may say I'm just standing on his shoulders, but that's a debate for a different day). So I'm trying to remain positive and open-minded. I'm thinking I should have faith in Hollywood. Especially Hollywood for children. I'm thinking there's a remote possibility that he's just a dirty old (albeit observational) man.

But then I saw this one:

I imagine they made a special one for publication in places like Morden.

On the bright side, Pepper was standing in front of the fridge, admiring her handiwork (you know, with the magnets) and suddenly "struck a pose". Not looking at the poster, I assumed she was emulating Susan (pocket-girl). I noticed that she had her arms crossed, so I asked who she was.

She said: Dr Cockroach. [sniff] My little nerd-girl [sniff] they grow up so fast...

UPDATE!! -- Max (who refuses to join us, saying "he lives it" [evil, "open-season-on-Max" laugh], but I think he's either (a) too scared or (b) too lazy, but (c) going with a combo of the two) has "commented" (that is, he told me as I was discussing this post with him and I said "well check it out and put in a comment" and he said "meh") that there is, in fact, if you are viewing this picture in the above light, something for everyone, if you look carefully at Bob.

So I noticed the flesh-coloured boob-pockets with the red buttons and he noticed the one-eyed cylindrical and "flexible" monster. At least we're a perfect match.

Did I mention we're taking our kids to see this tonight? Yeah. The late viewing too (It's Spring Break and just worked out that way. Shut up. It did.)

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  1. So THAT'S why I've been wanting to take my daughter to see it!

  2. It's SO true what your dad said cause in the words of my hubbie, " I see a 50' tall chick with big boobs. :P" when I asked him to google Alien's vs Monster and pick an image!

  3. Morden? Are you sure you don't mean Winkler? I mean, of all the towns in the tricity area (CarmanMordenWinkler), Morden's the one with the Corn and Apple Festival, right? And what says "loose morals" better than corn and apples?

    Winkler is the dry town. Well, maybe not this spring. But Morden has MLCC stores, and Carman has the bar at the Carman Hotel. I'm sure both of those towns would welcome cartoons of giant women with little dots on their pocket patches. (Where's Joe Walsh when you need him? All I can think of is his song "ILBT's"!)

    And you drop off kids for a sleepover the morning before the sleepover? Remind me of that if I ever invite your kids over for a sleepover!

  4. Ha! I was going to ask about the morning drop-off! Dare I ask, was there any "afternoon delight" a-happenin'?
    Wait, don't answer that.

    As for the pockets, that's actually what I noticed first. What does that say about me?
    Anyway, we all know that, from the days of Bugs Bunny, cartoons were made for adults.

  5. @chag - happy to be of service!

    @kyooty - the gentlemen: they tend to notice these things (NOT looking suggestively down), don't they?

    @Albert - [sigh] I guess I should have run this through your Bible-belt filter. Does Winkler have a theater? Does Morden? I know Steinbach does. I should have used that, but thought some might feel that it was a shot - BUT he doesn't read this, so I could have gone there! (I had to google ILBTs, btw)

    @nen - I recall watching BB as a newly minted adult thinking "this is AWESOME!!!" and I had watched it every Saturday forEVAH!

  6. Yeah, uh, that was no accident.