Friday, February 20, 2009

"Press Any Key to Continue..."

Have you ever been on your computer so long that your brain starts to try & apply some of the actions in the (more) physical world?

I have. Non-specifically, for example puttering around somewhere, like the kitchen and making a mistake like dumping too much flour in the bowl and my brain will say: "click undo" and the other part of my brain says "WTF?" and the first part says "Oh. Yeah. Sorry. You're screwed."

Tonight, Stewie noticed a HotWheels car under the wire baker's rack in the kitchen (I don't have a photo, and don't feel like taking one just to ask you to rate it. I'm not always in for the cheapie). He lay down on his stomach & tried to reach it but it was too far back, so he asked me to get it. As I was getting a chopstick, he started chanting...

"Press Space-bar to Reach"

Time to cut back on the

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