Thursday, February 19, 2009

They're trying to ensure I never sleep again...

Did I ever mention that I am a slave to stupid effin' memes? No? Well I am.

What I should have mentioned yesterday as No 26 was that I am incapable of not replying to an email or other form of message. Memes are included. Stupid, effin' memes. Back In The Day, they used to be called "chain e-mails" and your boobs would fall off if you didn't forward it to 200 friend within 48 seconds. I always do what I am told to do. Except I would delete the threatening part. And I don't (didn't and still don't) have 200 friends that I would burden with this crap. Just a select few of you! :-)

Here's what I was told to do: Google “[your first name] needs” and share 10 results. There was no threatening part, so I had to rebel by including, well, not 10.


I put my first name in, since "Harmzie needs" came up blank. Believe it or not, "Harmzie" isn't on my birth certificate.

Things in [--] are my add-ons, the rest are cut-and-paste. I can't make this stuff up:

"[Harmzie] needs":

  • a new baby daddy
  • 2 pee
  • 2 exercise her right to shut the fuck up [uncanny]
  • to be more careful with her voodoo. lol
  • to keep her legs closed [um... what?]
  • How do you say [Harmzie needs] to go poop in different languages?
  • to Focus on Herself [I'm so sure. Really, now. Don't encourage her...]
  • a bone marrow match. [ouch - good thing I'm in the registry... I'll use this opportunity to say: get YOURS in there]
  • bail
  • to post to her blog [somebody was watching last week]
  • to hang out with some peeps tomorrow [after someone posts bail]
  • to show some a$$ [ok, Max... careful what you wish for, we're talking the www here]
  • A Crotch Post [nobody needs that. Well maybe sarcastic mom does]

Now, I need some sleep. Really. I mean it this time...

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