Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

Summary: I broke my ass on the toboggan slide & Max tried to burn down the house deep frying.

Today was Family Day here. Actually today was Family Day in the rest of the country but here it was "Louis Riel Day"

Don't get me started. But not feeling up to creating our own government in commemoration of the day, my Family decided to celebrate with the rest of the nation (except federal government workers - sorry Dad! I love this country. Like you love that weird aunt because she saves pantyhose for no apparent reason) & make a point of partaking in a FAMILY outing. Nothing says family like tobogganing.

So here (left) is Stewie & I on the toboggan run. Note the lumps of ice on it. To make it "fun" presumably.

On the wooden toboggan, it was "fun". If you're a child made of rubber, as they tend to be. That ride was rough, but bearable.

On the last run of the day, I decided to take one the girls' "krazy karpets" down instead. Kind of on a dare. "There's only one way down". I could have used the stairs, but the words "I. Dare. You." Don't have to get used very often, as it's always implied. Usually I'm far too weak brittle lazy mature to respond to such taunting. Not always.

He warned me "don't go down on your knees" (I'm sure he never dreamed he would ever string those words together voluntarily) because of the ice bumps. "Good point" I agreed.

The last ice bump I hit & busted my ass. "Ow I BROKE my BUTT!!" I yelled.

Stewie, already at the bottom ran up to me "Did you breaked you butt Mommy?"

All the way home all three were commenting about my butt and how I broke my butt and did my butt hurt. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have used the opportunity to be so interested had I bruised, say, my arm.

I finally admitted to them all that I had not, in fact, broken my butt and I would not have to call the hospital and tell them I broke my butt, BUT, I would be complaining about it all evening. Which I did.

Meanwhile, prior to the ass-cracking, some nice photos were snapped.

Looking at this, and several other photos that he took that day, I wonder why I don't thrust the camera into Max's hands more often.

(He actually didn't take all of these.)
I am pleased that this shot doesn't reveal some of the "realities" of winter play (said reality running down their faces if you look closely. Don't look closely)

I just like this one because it still evident that the world hasn't sucked the wonder out of him. I might frame it and give it to him as a graduation present.

So the grease-fire incident wasn't actually all that alarming. It was always under control. I was upstairs and heard some kid-hollering regarding fire (it sounded more excited than scared or alarmed). I ran down just to make sure he was there (he was). The worst was, as small of a little grease fire as it was, it sure made a lot of smoke. Max asked "why is it so dark in here?" (the kitchen) I also thought another bulb had burnt out. Nope. It was thick black smoke in the top third of the kitchen. We'll be cleaning greasy smoke off the walls & ceiling for a bit. It quickly cleared out. The silver lining? We have confirmation that all the smoke alarms are functioning (with real smoke)!

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  1. Lol - at least your greasefire didn't take out your overhead stove fan. Not that this has happened in my home. At all. Ever.

  2. Is there really such a thing as a small grease fire? Have you seen that video where a little water is dropped into a grease fire?

    I've never made that mistake myself but I remember when a friend turned her back on a pan of oil she was heating up --- I got there after she had put out the fire and saw the mess --- the aluminum pan had melted on the stove, the kitchen was covered in soot, etc. From a small fire that I think she put out with a kitchen fire extinguisher (I don't remember how she put it out).

    I hope that's your last brush with flaming oil!

  3. I bow to your courage, girlfriend. I've never gone down that toboggan run. I'm too scared. Love the pics.
    Great way to celebrate Fam Day -- I celebrated sick on the couch under the warmth of my laptop.

    Isn't that a rather extreme way to check your smoke detectors? At least you didn't have to cut through any ceilings for the smoke to reach them. :)

  4. @wyliekat -- no, thankfully, it didn't. Not for lack of trying. I'm sure if we *had* one, it would have been taken out...

    @Albert -- Yes, I've seen that video. It was an eye-opener and I finally *actually* understood the issue (that you'll blow up your kitchen as opposed to my first assumption that it would be no good & waste valuable time). Thanks for the link, I should have included it. I think it should be required watching (if it's not already) in all home-ec classes & science classes in high school & junior high [end rant]

    I believe I even gave Max a little safety lecture prior (the safety lectures happen all the time & they're usually for my piece-of-mind more than information passing) [oh, and: resume rant]. We had a "discussion" about why this way was more dangerous than the deep fryer (exposed ignition point). He was fully on his toes, which was why it was fully under control.

    I should point out that the pot itself was not on fire (like the video). The pot boiled over and the overflow ignited on the element. Not a lot of oil to burn off, comparitively - and thankfully. Doesn't take much for billowing black smoke, I've learned!

    @Nen (finally - indirectly - a comment about my ass!) I try to be a cool mom. I usually fail (cue broken ass), but I try! And hey! Maybe one day I'll post about the smoke-detector in the walls (I'd forgotten about that). Although the moment has passed, the fits of maniacal laughter when I think of it hasn't.

  5. Well, I initially written that I'd massage your butt this Saturday (still don't know what I'm going to bring), and with no men present, there wouldn't be any perversion of the situation... then I chickened out and erased it. :)

    I try to be cool mom too, but I don't think I'd appear too cool blubbering with fear coming down that freakin' toboggan! LOL

  6. @nen -- I think it was your very husband who matter-of-factly informed me that the best manner of butt massage was *applied* with therapists own butt and that it was a difficult *good* massage to give/get because there were always "consequenses". It's not like you can just ask your therapist to sit on your ass.

    As an aside, the cool thing about the no-men-present thing is that you don't actually have to *have* a pillow fight for the desired effect to be attainted. You just have to say you did. Or talk about it. Or mention it. Sometimes not even that.