Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

As a mom, I am weak.

I am weakened by the power of The Eyes. I am weakened by the power of The Hug - you know the one, it's so strong it takes your breath away, and you're not really sure if it's the physicaliosity [HEY: my blog, my wordular units] of it or not, but it's gone too quickly for you to put your finger on it. That and you don't care.

And, I am weakened by those little quirky things that probably only I see or hear.

One of those is the three-year-old "accent". The way Stewie says certain words now that he won't later (um... hopefully). And probably I'm the only one who hears it in the way that makes one weak in the knees. But here we are.

For this exhibit, the word is "boy". I heard it very often of late, as his new favourite book (as of Christmas) is The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers.

I wasn't very good at justifying why I was making a video of Stewie introducing his bed-time story without doing the other two. Plus they just turned out so adorable (if I do say so myself!)

The next is I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato, by Lauren Child which Pepper received as a gift from a dear long-distance friend, (at a dear short-distance friend's house).

The third is The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs, by uh, Alexander Wolf (Jon Scieszka). Received by Norah, uhh... I don't know, they get so much crap generous gifts (heh heh...)

This wasn't really meant to be a book review of the chosen titles, but suffice to say that all three are immensely popular with all three (and they have about 750,000 books - I have to put the back on the shelf, so I've counted). Both myself and Max enjoy them as well. I can't entirely speak for Max, but I think his criteria is similar: If it doesn't make me want to hurl; turn my brain into cheez whiz ("Now With More Processed Cheez Food!"), or put me to sleep, I like it. The most emphasis on point #2. The fact that they remained on the bed-time rotation for about four weeks is a testament to pleasing both parties.

Entertaining and, if not educational, at least not reversing a day's progress in that department [1]

But anyways, check out again how he says "boy" and see if you don't giggle. How to replenish the Mom-Strength after an attack of one or more of these weakening forces is a subject for another day...

[1] we do have some that I'm pretty sure drop IQ points just by proximity. They somehow find a way of "disappearing" (ahemHannahMontanaahem).

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  1. I love the turns of phrase small children use.

    One of my favorite Rosebud mis-speaks is as follows:

    Me: Rosebud, please hurry up and eat your breakfast!

    Her: I mam!

    melts me every time.

  2. The cute way Stewie says Lam's name makes me want to squish him. :)

  3. @wyliekat -- that's adorable! Pepper (6) still says "naybe" for maybe. When you call her on it, she says "maybe".

    @nenette -- me too! He just got a haircut this week so he was saying it a lot.

  4. Very cute!

    My favorite of N's is when he says his own name. He's not so good with his L's yet. In his name, it becomes a W, but for some reason, the name "Leo" becomes "Keewoh".