Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Always Good to Have Someone In Your Corner...

Pepper shoved a paper across the table at me after dinner. "Draw yourself!"

Oooookaaaay. You know I'm an engineer, right honey? People have curvy lines. I like them (my lines) straight, which makes for a pretty stupid looking drawing - I've tried. But I gave it a shot. Results to the left (possible reference to Beyonce shit-canning her boyfriend not intentional, but not avoided, for obvious reasons)

To be more specific, and just so it's clear (because I know it's hard to tell), there is a photo of a drawing on the left of this page and MY sketch is on the left side of the paper in the photo.

I "drew" mine. Please ignore the scary, Skeletor face (I don't do eyes very well. Shut up! They're hard!), the boob-in-the-armpit ("what's that bump, mommy?" "it's the breast, honey" "oh, really?"), the twigs for fingers, and the redrawn feet because the original were located somewhat in the region of the knees (which don't exist, but that's where they would be if they did).

What's to notice about this is that when I handed it back to her, she grabbed my pen & fixed the whole thing. She drew herself in the ginormous space that remained (placement on the page was the other thing I was going to ask you to ignore), drew her hand reaching over holding my -- erm --- "hand" and finished off the giant band-aid with her saying "I <3 u mom"

Sometimes it's important to realize that moms aren't the only ones to make it better.

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  1. Hey - your version of you is more proportionate than I'd have mustered for a self-portrait. I'd have had stubby legs and a ridiculously long torso, or vice versa. All that engineering training did you some good! ;-}

  2. Awesome! I draw a note in Mini's snack every day (hmmm... sounds like a new blog post!) and portraits of me are stick figure.

    You obviously have natural talent or you civil engineers get some extra drawing learnin' we computer engineers never got... beyond Diakiw's 1st year drafting class. LOL :)

    Give that Pepper a big hug for me... or I'll just do it today when I pick up Lam at lunch. :)