Sunday, January 11, 2009

R4te My R4ck

Did she just say that? Are things really taking a turn for the raunchy down Harmzie's Way?

Judge for yourself.



Don't let the clock fool you. This did not take six hours. I managed to squeeze in a complete "Star Battle" on Mario Party 8. Blew away Bowzer & everything. Opened up a new level (got 15 minutes of credits afterward). The kids were thrilled. Which was why I did it, of course. Shut up. It was.

So uh, back to the point. What do you think?

I give it a solid six. In lay terms: it still looks like Hell, but the little demons are all lined up nicely and they've washed their faces. I mean, the spices are still sitting in the wettest, hottest part of the kitchen which, if you've spent any time watching Food TV (specifically Alton Brown >sigh<) you know is verboten.

I dream of individually labelled little stainless steel cups magnetted to a board inside a cupboard far far away (from the stove). But this was driving me nuts so I purged.

They're even alphabetized. I nearly melted when Max suggested this! Yes, it's possible I might have a problem.

And no, I did not invent a whole project to I could write a post called "R4te My R4ck". The brilliant title came later. And it's not even that brilliant, since it's not even a spice rack...

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  1. Very nice!!! I give it an 9.5! 5 for having such an impressive array of spices alone... 3 for such organizational ability... 2 because you're so damned cute (yes, my dear, you get cuteness points!)... but -0.5 because of proximity to stove.
    But, hey, I don't even have an adequate spice collection... who am I to judge?! :)
    But yes, I love it!

  2. It's a very pretty rack. I have rack envy. Which is very rare for me.

  3. @n3n: thanks for the cuteness points, but I think you are being a little over generous with the deduction. But who am I to judge the judge?!

    @wyliekat: don't be envious. I didn't do close-ups showing that the "rack" is actually made of 60+ year-old crappy particle board (now 60+ is a fine age, but not for particle board), like the rest of the kitchen. You just can't clean the kitchen grease off that. Nobody likes a greasy rack!

  4. Funny, I thought everyone liked a greasy rack - in context.

  5. you must know what a monumental effort I am making to not comment further. :P

  6. @wyliekat - I stand corrected. I was stuck in the *kitchen* greasy context. We're still talking spice-racks, right?

    @cam - you must know how much I appreciate it. Or enjoy your torment. I'm not sure which. Depends on the wind.

  7. wow! very much organized. i give you a rate of 10 for this one. perfect!

    by the way, thank you so much for dropping by at my site.

  8. It looks like that rack once had sliding doors. It would look nice with frosted glass sliding doors. But that would take real work.

    If the greasiness really bugs you, shelf paper hides a multitude of sins.

  9. @Blue Rose - thank you and you're welcome!

    @Albert - good eye. I think I still have the doors somewhere. I'm pretty sure I tried them & they fit weird or something. They're definitely not frosted, although that would look nice(r than crap). Paper did occur to me, but because we're supposed to be doing something with the kitchen >ahem< I didn't pursue it. I'm thinking again. Maybe even a laquer-style paint.