Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to make Cinnamon Toast

... I couldn't even elicit a really cute version of "cinnamon" (i.e. "cimanum") from any of my kids. They have speech "quirks" (esp. the three-year-old) but not with this one. Not when I need one for my blog... Maybe I'll work on a really cool post involving "luninum"!

  1. Toast the toast
  2. Butter the toast to the edges
  3. Slather on a judicious layer of brown sugar (not too judicious) to the edges
  4. Sprinkle a very light dusting of cinnamon (that's starting to not look like a word anymore, even though spellcheck sez "okey dokey!")
  5. Do steps 1-4 quickly & remove your fingers because once the vultures are circling, you could easily lose them (the fingers).
  6. Make them brush their teeth (you can easily jump to this step, because they have inhaled it so fast that there isn't any point in waiting.)

Just the thing on a frosty winter day. Max would say that the "to the edges" part is just my hang-up. He might be right, but screw him. It's my recipe, and *I* think it's important. Unfortunately, I shared the method with Norah and she can reach the brown sugar. Fortunately, soon there won't be any...

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  1. To the edges is crucial, as is putting the butter on while the toast is still hot.

  2. yes! of course! I'm surprised I didn't include it, as I was explicit about that in my explanation to Norah. (She was taking too long to get the butter knife from the drawer and I was nagging about how and why it was so important) Were you watching me last night? ;-)

  3. Of course, you realize that there are cinnamon toast snobs that pooh-pooh your simple method and add at at least one extra step.

    Personally, I don't know if I'd have the appetite for cinnamon toast if making it meant that I had to look at your greasy rack. To find the cinnamon, bien sur.

  4. Guess what I'm having for breakfast for tomorrow's Treat Day! Yum!
    Thanks for this :)

  5. oh, and btw, we were all watching you last night ;)

  6. hmmm... glad I was wearing the clean undies...

    @ Albert: nice callback! :-)

  7. Oh lawd, I've been caught out as a Peeping . . . can't be Tom. Tina? Peeping Tina?

  8. @wyliekat -- of course, when searching my inner annals (yes, there's two Ns there, everyone) for the feminine "Tom" all I could come up with was "Thomasina". As in "Thomasina Tittlemouse" by Beatrix Potter. Yes, I said "Tittlemouse"

    Everyone now: "hee hee hee"