Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not my best Mommy-moment

Norah in 2 minutes

(but not the worst, either)

So just now, Norah just comes downstairs & says:

"Is Stewie 32 years old?" (wtf?)

"What? Why?"

"Well, he's been in a time-out for 32 minutes and..."

"SUNNOVABITCH!!!" (I think it was something like "auugghhh!!" But in my head...) This is what not using a timer gets me. Er, him. I had a 'quick' phone call to make and, hey, I'll just check my email... They were so quiet up there!

Yes, we subscribe to the One-Minute-Per-Year school of punishment. Other than being effective (for us & our kids), it has resulted in some humourous conversations, mostly occuring when I have done something that the youth faction in the household disapproves of:

"Mom, I'll send YOU for a time out! - 38 minutes!" (OK, so we haven't had
this conversation in a while)

"Sweet! Will you send me to my room? I'm THERE!
Wake me up when the timer goes off."

But back to Stewie. It's really serious to throw a book at your sister's head.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

[Edit Jan 9/08: photo that makes me feel a little better]

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if they wanted to enforce the time outs for us parents? Can you imagine a half hour of totally uninterrupted time?


  2. AAAA!!!! Welcome wyliekat! My first commenter I've never met IRL!

    [regain composure]

    Yes, I agree! During these "discussions", my kids, actually push strongly to give Mommy a time-out. It feels really weird and wrong to be arguing the opposite side that actually I want to be... :-)

  3. thank you for the giant laugh. its like we are reading each others mind. (do you hear crickets? because i hear crickets.)

    hurricane tells us all the time that he 'pays de bills awound here' and he's 'de boss' (i have no idea where the jamaican accent comes from). my response: "awesome!! you can finish dinner and feeding the baby and cleaning the kitchen and when you're done, you can get started on baths and laundry."

    he never goes for it.

    on the topic of gin (aka 'Panty Remover'): i actually saw the pixies making the sprite once. they were also making gin in tiny little bathtubs.

    i may have had a tipple or so just before this.

    i have tasted gin before, i believe it is also known as CLR ("Make your showerheads shine! Your coffeepot will work like new!").