Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I thought Norah was Gigantor, and then Pepper was my delicate little princess at 7 lb 7 oz. Stewie brought along yet another anecdote to put in the file labelled "THERE ARE NO PATTERNS, STUPID", weighing in at 9 lb 3.5 oz (evidence to the left)

This was the first time, of all three that at the exact moment of birth I uttered "thank GAWD that's out of me". There may or may not have been expletives.

Also: "Hey look! A boy!", as we were rather expecting a girl. For no other reason than, um, patterns. With three kids & two engineers - constantly looking for patterns, don't you know - the file is getting full.

He was born ON his due date, making him a "ten-percenter".

One Year Later... One year later...

And additional three...

He wants hot-dogs for supper. And Shark-bite bay Trick-Trax for a present. I have no idea what that is, but we can do hot-dogs.

Mostly, I include this one as it's a good depiction of those *freakish* eyelashes. You know, the ones girls pay thousands of dollars to have implanted.

Happy Birthday, Boy!

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  1. Sharkbite Bary Trick Tracks are from Mattel:

    But don't be coy, you knew that.

  2. Gawd, I only squeezed one out - and I'm eternally grateful (most of the time) that it'll only ever be the one. THREE?

    Happy b-day to your boy!

  3. Aww....you're making me all sniffly...

  4. Happy Birthday, 4 Rocks!!:) I've got a 4 too! but this 4 business? yeah it's going by too fast!

  5. he is very adorable, that one. you'd better start watching him like a hawk now, because before you know it the girls are beating down your door. honestly, boys get all the luck. both of my boys have those to-die-for eyelashes, while my little girl got seriously screwed on that deal.

    sometimes when i am talking to my 4 year old son, i feel like i am talking to a teenager. not only does he have his own little language, but the shit he wants, i don't get it. he wants bakugan and pokeman games and cards and other shit that i can't even understand, let alone remember or write down. so, he gets frustrated with my lack of understanding and shoots me the death look while talking to me like i am a drooling idiot. one day i will say to him, "oh YEAH? well i can DRIVE A CAR and EAT CANDY WHENEVER. nyah-nyah!" i know, i know.. my level of maturity is *stunning*.

    i feel like doing what my grandmother did for me: get him an ugly sweater and expect him to wear it often. and then ask frequently if he likes the sweater.