Friday, June 26, 2009

"I'd be honoured to attend" *updated*

After years of pretty effectively using a paper calendar, a while back, we decided we were getting pretty bogged down and needed a better way to organize our family's whackadoo schedule. Without, you know, actually cutting back on any of our Super-Fun-I-Absolutely-Cannot-Live-Unless-I-Do-This-And-I-Promise-I'll-Practice-EVERY-Night-WITHOUT-You-Reminding-Me activities.

So we've started using the Google Calendar. I suggested it offhand and Max jumped in with both feet. We put in our own activities and those of all the kids. Basically we can see when one has to tag-off with the other. And conflicts where we have to sign up a babysitter (or turn to our ever-gracious and wonderful, loving, caring, flexible and compassionate family and/or friends) for extra eyes and hands. So far, it's been pretty effective as a "don't book shit here" tool.

The technology is built one way though, and can't be expected to cover off every eventuality one could come up against.

Case-in-point, I got this notice today (click for better resolution):
Please join me...Now upon reading this, instantly, I knew that it was a "hey, you'll need to be home so I can do this". I've been "invited" to several things that had nothing to do with me, where the "invitation" didn't faze me at all. But no matter how many times I re-read this one, my mind kept jumping to "Uh, really? You want me to go with you? I mean, 'ew'!"

Please note, as you can see here, I said "Yes" (so that it would appear in MY calendar). But in the comment section I added: "I'm honoured that you'd invite me."

UPDATE: The very next day, I got a notice in the mail from the hospital for a breast ultrasound*. So I put it in the calendar as "Boob Test" and invited him. I was actually waiting to see his response before I updated, but as a rule, he doesn't open email from me. Surprisingly, even one titled "Invitation for Boob Test"

*[no, they don't just hand these out randomly, nor does everyone just get one in Canada - it's a long boring story that ends with me with lube all over my breasts. There are far more exciting stories that end with me with lube all over my breasts - and even some beginning that way - that I don't share, so I'll probably not bother with this one. Suffice to say: I'm healthy & would like to stay continue to know that I'm staying that way for as long as they'll keep plying me with lube.]

UPDATE 2: Apparently he DID respond. But Google calendar didn't register it by sending me an email back. He responded "maybe" with a request for a pre-test. Pig. [please to not be pointing out how I walk into that one, boobs-a-waggling]

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  1. oh god, don't fall for this. he'll try to get you to play doctor and before you know it you've got 3 kids. it's too late for me but save yourself..

  2. I don't know how the rest of the free world lives without Google calendar. Mike and I fight significantly less since its inception.

  3. i'm still living with a pile of paper because I have to "touch" the paper to remember :)

  4. We tried google calendar, but Roomie can't get himself to open another tab on Firefox to put in his appointment. Dork. But he's a cute dork, so whatever.

    At least he remembers to put his appointments on our wall calendar. The kids love reading the wall calendar... although I'm sure Lam would love using google calendar even more.

    Yeah, go with him to his appointment. And if he gripes about it, tell him it's rude to uninvite people. If he gripes about *that*, invite him to a night of wild monkey-lovin', then uninvite him at the last minute! Ha! Take that, Maxy!!! That'll learn ya!

  5. I am either sleep deprived or terribly confused or both. Why exactly were you invited to attend? And no - I don't use Google calendar so I have no concept of its possibly mystical, life changing, earth shattering powers...

  6. Country Girl - He had to "invite" me to put it on my calendar, so that I know I have to be at home so he can go off to his appointment. It's just that "inviting" is an easier term for Google to use, and probably covers off 99% of the uses!

  7. Whoa, happy to know that you're healthy, but I'm still concerned that you are getting the Boob Test in the first place. You can't blame me with my boob history -- I take that stuff super seriously.

    Why does Max not open email from you? That's the main form of communication between Roomie and me! ;)

  8. I lurve Google calendar!

    What would be even better would be a big Google calendar screen I could have hanging in the kitchen - or in the bathroom - so that we could all see at once what's going on. It's funny how some people who can't stay away from the computer find it so difficult to open this one application.

    Like "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist."

  9. Also glad to hear everything is ok!