Sunday, June 7, 2009


Talking of the cranial functioning whilst driving on the phone (even with head set):

Max: "...I've driven while on the phone, and you just don't pay the same attention that you do in a conversation [with a person *in* the car]. You can go blocks and blocks without realizing what you've driven through."

Me: "I know. [Sotto voice so kids don't hear] Way back, I recall driving home [to farm] after a social from [insert name of my small town] and getting home thinking 'whoa, I don't recall the drive home' [Sleep-deprived and party euphoria, people, relax]"

"Hmmm. Unfortunately, I get what you're saying."

"...and the same thing has happened early in the morning when - groggy - I get to work and my brain says to me 'dude, I sure hope there were no red lights on your way in, because I was on auto-pilot'"

"Your brain calls you 'dude'?"


"Your brain is stupid."

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  1. Kinda like having a tiny Keanu Reeves in your head!

  2. Dude - that happens to me all the time. In fact, I literally missed my exit the other week cuz I was talking to mom and I was like: WTH dude - don't you know how to get home?

  3. Bill & Ted (the first one - the *real* one) is one of my favourite movies EVER ("after you, Ms Of Arc"), but I'm more inclined to blame The Bloggess!

  4. For me, in place of 'dude', insert 'hey, man'.

  5. "kiddo" & "hey, man"? I love it. Especially since it proves I'm not crazy. Or you are too. Which I'm cool with too!