Thursday, April 30, 2009

Victory Is Mine

I Overcame:

Other than the obvious, this is especially relevant, since our VCR hasn't worked in about three years.

Also, and quite seriously, I don't think we ever watched the end of the video.

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  1. When my geek husband and I moved in together six years ago, he wouldn't let me bring my TV/VCR combo. He said having anything VHS in the house would be a personal attack. LOL Needless to say, there are countless Pauly Shore videos at my mothers house I secretly watch when I go visit.

  2. LOL! Sometimes, getting rid of something that reminds you of your weaknesses is almost as good as getting rid of the weakness itself.

  3. We still have our old somewhat-broken VCR. And when Roomie's mom moved into KPCH, we inherited her TV... on the condition that we also take the VCR.
    It didn't take a lot of arm twisting. Roomie keeps everything -- he still has his Commodore64 after all. And we don't have a PVR, and we still *have to* tape our Stargate: Atlantis somewhere (mmm... Joe Flanigan...). ;)

    Way to kick the procrastination, Harmzie-girl!

  4. hey, girlfriend, gave you an award here!

  5. Mmmmm chips.....