Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi there Harmzie, it's me, Spring. Sorry I'm late:
And if you could get on that before the grass rots away under the mulch, I'd 'preciate that. Thanks!
Also: I plan to rain on Friday, so sooner would be better. Enjoy!
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  1. YAY!!! spring!! send some east! oh and my wordverification "sunst!" hahaha

  2. Buddy thinks I'm nuts because I'm itching to peel back all the mulch and crud in order to see barren beds and clean grass.

    I can barely contain my glee!!!!

  3. Oh, you South-facers are so lucky! My North-facing garden has yet to reveal any tulips... too cold still.

    But there's a lot of green (non-tulips) already. Yay!

    Did you order plants from school?

  4. @kyooty: I hope the forecast holds as it looks like you'll be getting a little this week. We've dipped a little, but also hold out some promise in the coming week.

    @wyliekat: You are not nuts. However, you may want to not be seeking opinions on your gardening sanity here!

    @nen: I tend to pile a lot of leaves on everything in the winter to keep it "cozy". It also tends to slow the melt! I peeled off some layers today to reveal more frozen ground. And yes, I ordered some plants from school. I tried to curb my instincts, but still ended up with about $100. Oh well, I refuse to partake in the coupon books & chocolates, so I like to encourage the ones I DO like!