Sunday, April 19, 2009

Filthy Furniture

Whilst our basement is being finished, we've had to contend with extra crap orbiting around us in the living zone, as opposed to the dead zone of a basement storage area. You should know that this temporary project was started when I was pregnant with Stewie [he turns four in June. There are still drainage trenches in the floor of our basement].

We had a collective melt-down a few weeks ago and have decided to tackle some of the worst areas & the entrance was this week's project.

Here is before & after for the hats/gloves/bike helmets' hole:

(Pepper has already decorated her own basket).

It's your basic pressboard-assemble-yourself-hope-it-lasts-a-year crap from Rona. It looks OK, but, whatever. It controls the flow of crap. Hopefully.

Most importantly, it afforded Max & myself the opportunity to have a perfectly innocent conversation in the dining room, with the charmingly innocent children surrounding us.

Me: I need some help with the screwing.

Max: I can help you with screwing.

Me: OK, that's good. I just needed it started.

Max: That's fine. I'll just watch you finish.

Me: You like to watch?

Max: Yes. I like to help you start and then watch you finish.

Me: You realize I've been in here screwing without your help for the last half hour?

Despite it being a cheap piece of crap, I think it's suddenly become my favourite piece of furniture.

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  1. I think I had a similar conversation this weekend about assembling doorknobs, and a discussion about the back door that got The LOOK from H E double hockeysticks

  2. I love those conversations, and will mourn the day when we can no longer be innocently filthy in front of the girls.

  3. Yeah, we have those conversations and enjoy them immensely!
    I'm sure we'll continue to have them after even when the kids hit their teens and they're slamming their hands over their ears and screaming for us to shut it or get a room. :) LOL

    I recently bought nice, tall, metal shelves to re-organize our accessories in our mudroom.
    Getting new furniture is like a breath of fresh air, ain't it?!

  4. Who knew pressboard-assembly could be so sexy?

  5. @musingwoman:
    how can pressboard-assembly not be sexy? ;)

  6. kyooty -- I lol'd at that. It is indeed unfortunate you got the LOOK. I'm betting he's just mad he didn't think of it first ;-)

    wyliekat -- like Nen says, we'll just get more creative until their ears bleed. And then we'll probably just get more subtle, so that when they DO figure it out, they'll want to hurl. It's the way to ensure your kids don't live with you until they're 30!

    Nenette AM -- "nice TAAALL shelves" eh? "Oh... Honey? Can you reach that top item for me? I just, um [biting lip] can't seem to reach it..."musingwoman -- I wasn't blogging last fall when I assembled six IKEA dressers for my bedroom. I was sweating for DAYS I tells ya...

    Nenette AM -- I editorially eliminated the part where I got him to read me the instructions for installing doors (on a companion piece). He was all "drill" this and "screw" that. When he said "REAM out the holes" he was busted. Good times! Good times...