Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi, my name is Harmzie...

So I'm laying here in bed, typing on my blackberry. Max is here, watching Family Guy (Star Wars episode) on the notebook. OMG! Now he's watching a Metallica video.

It's possible we may need an intervention.

Just a warning: touch the tech and I may eat your arm. Or even both them.

What's the one piece of tech you'd take out someone's arm(s) for?

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  1. It's 8:26 on a Friday morning and the parental units are both in bed? There must be some interesting explanation for this.

    Not a school day?
    Not a work day?

    Or is everyone just playing hooky?

  2. I know! my husband!cause he has to make it all work!

  3. LOL!!! Don't you love it?! :)
    Sounds like many nights over here: Mini on the familyroom computer, Lam on the diningroom computer, Roomie on his laptop in the livingroom, and me with my laptop on the familyroom couch!

  4. Albert -- Busted. I wrote this at the time that it appears (by writing). Then the BB wouldn't access my blog, and I didn't feel like fighting it, so I just emailed it to myself at [shhh]work[shhh]. Yep broke Harmzie's Blog Prime Directive #1. But I wrote it at home, so we're cool.

    Now, please to be impressed that I was at work at 8:26! I actually showed up about 7:45, but let's just say my mornings don't usually go that, uh, smoothly.

    kyooty -- I hear what you're getting at, but I'm not sure he'd like you referring to him as a "piece of tech"! ;-)

    Nen -- I think maybe I'm not so much the one in need of an intervention? :-P Here's some tape for your glasses.

    AndreAnna -- gaaa!!! please, please keep it down... no enshun-may, of the i-yay own-phay. Max is angling for that as his leash-of-choice. If he gets one, there's no way I'd be able to have him with cooler tech than me. We can't afford to have one-upmanship in our own house!

  5. Oh he would, he got all upset one day that I suggested that I ask a retired tech friend to help me set something up on my computer... He said "No one else is allowed to fix your stuff, it's my job to fix your stuff!" yet a extra husband or 2 wouldn't bother him in the least? (he's a techno!)