Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eastery Goodness

We got a call from friends of ours a couple of weeks ago that went something like:


"Hi, Harmzie, it's Marie. We were wondering if you--"



"It doesn't matter. We'll be there."

Now, that's perhaps a little deceptive, as I knew that Good Friday was coming up. These people have had a Good Friday Eggstravaganza for years, ourselves getting the coveted nod once we could produce the requisite small child at the door.

They have taken other opportunities to take over my kids. Such as making pies - right from picking the apples from the tree in their back yard, through pastry making & assembly & bringing them home and eating them the next day - all the while, Max & I sit & eat their food & drink their wine and engage in grown-up conversation with Mr. Marie (and Marie herself quite often makes appearances and is a full-on conversation participant. I need to take some parenting lessons from her). So the answer is always yes. "My sister's wedding that day? No worries, we'll get them to move it."

But back to the Eggstravaganza. Our dear friend does not just pull out a couple of crappy "Dudley" egg decorating kits. This is a full on production. There are assemblages to hold eggs whilst you paint them. There are dye cups of all different colours. Acrylic paints. Sparkles. And the piece-de-resistance, hot wax (this year Norah got right into the hot wax). They soaked eggs in dye, layered wax, painted, sparkled, rolled in shallow pans of dye for varying effects.

Me, I didn't try one. It's just no use when you can't blame the tools. The more creative amongst us produced the following:

This is Norah's stash. Don't bother counting. There's two dozen there.

Here's some detail. Specimen #1 is with some wax dodging. #2 is beautiful sparkles.

Here is Pepper's stash:

And a cool detail with swirly marbling (that's my best creative description):

(Stewie's eggs were unfortunately left there. Getting all three of them out of The Happiest Place On Earth was something of a challenge and things got missed.)

I have no idea how they made any of these. I was busy drinking wine & eating homemade chili and biscotti. I just like the results: beautiful eggs and happy children with fond memories of crafitness with someone who can actually pull it off. Anytime, Marie, anytime! How's next week for you?

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  1. SWEET!!!
    Congratulations on the haul to Norah!
    And that swirly one is gorgeous. :)

  2. Yes, that swirly one is my favorite, too.

    I didn't get to participate in the egg decorating this year, owing to a certain tall piney expedition. But we have a rather nice selection of tie dyed and rollered eggs ourselves. Nothing quite as spectacular as the swirly one, though.

  3. Those are fabulous!

    I was just thinking, as we were in Dauphin with hubby's Ukrainian family for Easter, that I should try decorating eggs with the boy next year.

    Key word being "try".

  4. Thanks to all, the kids were pretty proud.

    @myrtle - "try" is the first step! (a) I should post some pics I took with the crappy Dudley kit I did with Norah when she was I think 2 (maybe 3). (b) I should NOT post the pics that were taken with me "helping" the girls 3 years ago. It looks more like I'm saying "NO. You're doing it WRONG". This is why I sit & drink wine in the other room. The results speak for themselves!

  5. I have never made these. They look so gorgeous.