Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One reason why I heart label makers

Because it's one more way for my children to express their complete servitude love for me:

The bottom one was made by Pepper, I swear I had nothing to do with it!

The top one was made by Stewie, who got a hold of the label maker just after Pepper had it.

Yes, that's a glass of wine. No, it's not a fancy-schmancy "wine-glass" wine glass. In our house, the definition of a wine glass is "receptacle which will hold wine long enough to consume it". Which sometimes isn't very long...

(In other news:

Pepper's dance costume arrived... She said she felt like a "furry monkey" in it. Which is funny, because that's what she acts like!)

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  1. kyooty -- Thank you! StupidStore special. Once I said wistfully to Max: "oh, when the kids get big enough to not destroy things (as much), we can get nice wine glasses again" and then I realized that when we did have nice wine glasses the kids had not, in fact, broken one of them. It was us.

  2. Hey, we have those glasses too! (taller though) We used to call them our Stolen Glasses because we accidentally stole one or two from Nortel before they moved. We liked them so much that we decided to buy more from the same place you got yours. :)

  3. Nenette AM -- we've got the tall ones too ("accidentally stole"? I like that. Is it like "long-term borrow"?)

  4. Quellle adorable!! The kid, not the glass, tho it's adorable too, in a different way, a boy, could I use one of those kind of way ... not that I wouldn't benefit from having ... never mind you know ... adorable! Give her a hug from GP

  5. I just noticed that the first initial of my name is the tongue sticking out symbol! %-}

  6. Nortel needs those glasses back, ASAP. They will be hotly contested by both those seeking their severance pay and those seeking their pensions.

  7. Okay, that's scary - I thought I was the only one who liked drinking wine from a tumbler!