Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I'm just gonna do this, and if your leg gets in the way, it's your own fault"

My girls were exactly what I thought little boys were like. Then my boy showed up and has been exactly what I thought the cross between a poltergeist (the destructive spectre, not creepy movie version); that hungry weasel that regularly slurps up and down Foghorn Leghorn's drumstick; and a pinball machine on multi-ball would be. It's like he's instantly everywhere with Destructive Intent. He doesn't go anywhere where he's not starting off the conversation swinging.

After teaching each of our two "creative" and "active" daughters for two years each, we brought our son in to Mrs G, the Nursery School / Kindergarten Teacher (that is not a short-form, or an alias, everyone actually calls her Mrs G). We said "Here! CYA" and ran. Cue "ricochet" sound, and maniacal laughter for two as we tore down the hall.

She's got two years to fix him.

Tonight, I observed the following in the kitchen:

#1 engaging in bear-hug-like embrace of #2, such that both were collapsing to the ground, with #3 taking full advantage of by kidney-punching them both all the way down. All were laughing (you know, until they're not)

She's got a bit of a tough nut to crack, but I'm sure that there's no connection to the fact that she's retiring next year.

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  1. I felt the same way about boys and girls. I swore I had a daughter that was just like how people described their boys. She was all over the place and very active. And then I had my son.

    And punched my past self in the throat for thinking that.

  2. What?!!! Mrs. G's retiring next year?!!! Thank goodness I got my 2 in with her before she made her escape... whew!

    Yeah, the boy is very boy, and the girl is very girl. The girl is always wanting to hug, and the boy is always trying to get away or fight instead.

  3. ahh.. the kidney punch. one of my favorites. i'm glad to see the younger generation is not completely beyond learning important life skills.

    my screwed up view of kids today may be a result of having what is politely known as a "strong-willed child" (i actually read that term in a parenting book. *shudder* parenting book.) yesterday at tae kwon do, mr. t. looked at me and i swear he was thinking 'it's a fucking miracle you haven't eaten this one yet.'

  4. Ah, I've seen boys like that. They're not all that wild and physical... those are the ones we call "the bad kid", as in "What did the bad kid do in school today?". We've always wondered what the parents of "the bad kid" were like... I didn't realize I knew two!

    Best of luck...

  5. Your kid broke the Kindergarten Teacher!