Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harmzie's Den of Unimaginable Pleasures

Unimaginable, because I couldn't possibly make this shit up...

I found this little (pen is included for scale [See what I did there? I made sure to include the space in "pen is"]) gem whilst tidying up the toys tonight:

That's a Playmobil monkey on a pig. I don't think it's a Playmobil pig, because it's squishy (although the monkey is too, but I know for a fact that it's a Playmobil monkey).
It's not a "Tequila Pigs" pig either, because those were lost/destroyed/banished after the Great Tequila Pigs Incident of 2003 (relax did not involve children this time) (did, however, involve Tequila).
But the scene reminded me of another that I found a while back - and also thought to take a picture of, mostly because the position of the eye was *so* perfect. OK, I'm lying. It's because Poochie and Lisa/Betty/Frances (her name changes regularly) were caught taking the world in a love embrace and firing all of their guns at once.

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  1. Oh, get this together with Lam's "Naked Girls Club", and our kids will have our neighbourhood sectioned off as the new Red Light district. I'm giddy with anticipation.

    That's not one of the playmobil things we gave you guys, is it?

  2. *My* children would never create such obscene couplings. Mostly because Littlest Pet Shop creatures can't be made to attach themselves to each other, but still. I WIN!


  3. Charlotte did the same thing with her dinosaurs this week. She said he was giving his friend a piggy back. Riiiight.

  4. You write as if there isn't already an entire newspaper devoted to the topic of misbehaving Playmobils!

    Who do you think is leaving these little scenes for you to find? My first guess would have been Mr Harmzie, not the kids!

  5. They say kids learn from their parents...

  6. a girlfriend of mine has these two football-sized ceramic elephants in her bathroom. i used to put them in all sorts of compromising positions when i'd stay at her house. i mean, who has elephants in the bathroom, fer krissakes? monkeys, i can understand.