Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet and Salty

The girls stayed up way too late last night to watch a movie on TV because "IT'S THE WEEKEND!" and it's what we do on weekends, apparently.

So the crazy late, late movie they watched was actually "Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - we left the movie making machine on!" Stewie actually tried to stay up too, but fell asleep by about 9:30.

When it was over, despite it being ELEVEN o'clock, I still had to grab their scrawny little arms and twist them beyond what is reasonable force to convince them that maybe they should be going to bed, because "it's the weekend" and "OMG! It's Prank Patrol! We HAVE to watch that".

I tucked them in separately, in their separate rooms on separate floors. And separately, as they were settling, they both paused and gave me the saddest look I had ever seen from them and told me of this really sad commercial they had seen. (They're supposed to mute the commercials, but I go hoarse yelling over to the TV area "why am I hearing that?")

And then they started CRYING! Each of them.

I thought: "damn - I forgot that they have a whole different set of commercials on later, even on YTV". I assumed we were going into World Vision territory, but no. The offender was thus:

Of course, my poor dears, I hugged them and comforted them at the same time as I was giggling at them for being so sensitive. Then I watched it myself and suddenly found that there was a bit of something in my eye.

Here's notice, Sidekicks: any chance you had of ever coming into this home are summarily ELIMINATED when you make my girls cry! (disclaimer: it was slim to none prior)(clarification: and it's NOT because there was something in MY eye).

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  1. Another YAY! for no cable/Reception.

  2. Awww Salty . . . *sniffs*

    *goes to make a Sidekick for dinner and adds extra salt*

  3. Snowbear - I *know*!! Max and I had this discussion after watching this again: How would a low-salt sidedish affect the salt shaker? Wouldn't you feel like you need to ADD salt at the table? Or is it a reflection of the overall "losalt" attitude this (rather uncreative) family has taken?

    Too much thought. Main point? Don't make my girls cry, mofo.

  4. I think it was the song. So maudlin. Couldn't have been the sad little salt shaker crying in the rain...couldn't have been..... *sniff*

  5. kids cry over the weirdest shit. my son will cry if don't let him brush his teeth before bed. what the EFF, kid?

  6. Damnit - my entire comment just got eaten.

    Trying again . . .

    Remember those Ikea commercials where they set you up to feel sorry for a discarded lamp, and then made FUN of you for feeling sympathy for an inanimate object? Yeah. It ain't just you with the "stuff in the eye" syndrome.