Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(I Had a Fabulous, Witty Title but I Forgot It)

I hate my bad memory. I try and make up for it with emails to myself & post-its everywhere. My memory is so bad sometimes that I don't recognize my own reminder notes. I noticed an email at home with the subject "BRING BACK CORDS". My first thought: "motherfucker, who the hell is sending me some internet petition to restore corduroy pants to fashion A-lists?" Looking further, it was I, reminding myself to return the recharger cords for my phone & headset to the office. I had brought them home to be able to use them during my holidays.

If recalling something bugs me, it really bugs me until I remember it. I recall phoning my dear husband and screaming "HE'S OUR DENTIST!!" I'm sure he would have said "who IS this?" if not for call display. Even then...

We had seen a very familiar man completely out of context and it tortured me all day. I was quite ashamed as I got to the point of picturing this man in various forms of garb "suit & tie?" No "jeans & T?" No "safety vest & hardhat?" No.

I was starting to question my motivation for this avenue of thought (it's possible that some may consider the gentleman to be hottie hot hot perhaps somewhat attractive) except that I said to myself "it's not like I've imagined him in a Speedo" except – dammit, there it is. Sorry self.

I made it to "scrubs?" (don't ask why, I don't remember) when, wait a minute, there's something there… The "out of context" was at the funeral of the parent of a friend. A friend who used to work for that dentist. Her recommendation was how we had hooked up with him.

Do you have any tips for um... what was I talking about again?

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  1. Hey, my husband's like that! I am also, but to a much lesser degree. He'll stare at some thing in his hand forever wondering why it's there, until I pass by and say, "You were putting that in recycling." And he'll say, "Oh, yeah! Thanks."

    Yeah, Memento. :) I liked the "running scene".

  2. More Booze. I hear it's great for memory.

  3. I have to say this must have something to do with your "career"? Hubbie also Engineer material? Can't remember anything my Front door looks like a Fridge with refigerator Magnets all over it for notes about what he needs to take to work. It's not you, it's the Engineer in you.

  4. i had a fabulous, witty comment but i forgot it.

    oh who am i kidding?

    maybe it's the SomeTimers kicking in. or maybe Max Powers is giving you electroshock therapy while you sleep, thus affecting your memory. i mean, how well do you *really* know this guy? but don't ask him, just in case he actually is giving you ECT. you don't want him to freak out and overreact by jacking up the volts. you might end up a drooling, catatonic mess. (lets try to limit that to just the nights of heavy binge drinking and illicit drug use.)

    just sayin'.

  5. I love that you don't recognise your own reminder notes, because now I know that I am not the only person that it has happened too!!

  6. You know, with all the advancements I hear of via email regarding p@nis enlargements, you'd think they'd have something for memory too.

  7. I have no earthly idea what will help a memory. I use my outlook calendar for everything. Thankfully, while people have to book around my everything, they don't usually know what it is they're avoiding. Because my period doesn't need to be public record.

  8. Wow, your memory is as bad as mine.
    Sometimes you walk into a room and then.... What the fuck am I doing in here. Only to remember as you leave the room.

  9. Re: good title for the post?

    How about "mystery man/birthday suit"

    Right about HERE: ...various forms of garb "suit & tie?" No "jeans & T?" No "safety vest & hardhat?" ... I had him in his birthday suit til you rudely slapped a speedo on him, and then in deference to it being at a funeral and all.... I made the speedo black.
    [there are TWO notes on my door and one on my purse and I'm not even an engineer...but I have played one on tv]