Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring has sproinged... all over me.

Remember this?

Well now it looks like this:

... and it's awesome to have the whole neighbourhood of kids out playing and enjoying the new found "summer" (I still use the term loosely).

However, I have determined that in order to get *anything* on the long list of moving-from-winter-to-summer outdoor tasks done, I have to take the most beautiful day available and (a) lock the kids in the house; (b) rot what's left of their impressionable little minds with TV/Wii/DVDs/HotWheels.com; (c) go outside & enjoy the unbridled productivity; (d) go back inside and drink away the guilt of engaging in a, b, & c.

It's a good system. Stop by & see my yard some day!

I might be drunk. But the yard will be nice.

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  1. Ok...so I think I want to move to Canada...officially!

  2. Drinking makes everything go faster.

  3. and I thought the East Coasters like to "enjoy" their fine days away, I guess it keeps you from feeling the mosquito farm breeding season?

  4. I'm down with option D. Found your blog through... who knows, I was probably drunk, too.