Monday, May 18, 2009

Can you say "ball-peen" with a straight face? I never could

For some strange reason, I can't bring myself to delete this particular bit of mail that ended up caught by my spam filter:

...partly because of the impeccable grammar - so rarely found in good spam these days - and partly because of the fact that I *do* need a new hammer, and you know, what if what they're selling is actually a decent product for failure-free banging? I mean, who wants their banging to fail?

(Or maybe just some of the inputs I'm getting just embed themselves too deep...)

Somewhere out there is a company that has actually figured out how to enlarge penises and it's helpless to reach potential customers

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  1. If Ronald McPherson sends you the following email "We've Got What You Need To Nail 'Em Good" then you know it's a totally legitimate hardware site. Really.

  2. hmm... yes, I'll keep that in mind.

    Or perhaps "All your screwing needs met with 100% satisfaction."

    "Plywood! Plywood! Plywood!!!!"