Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The crackiest of the crack

I have been meaning to concoct a list of my favourite places to lurk stalk visit for quite some time now. This Last week several weeks ago, the cosmos collected, combined & conspired to smack me in the head!

Like many, I have a lengthy blog roll. But these are the ones that make me stop and say "ooo! New Post!" Yes, literally. (When I'm at work, I manage to confine it to "ooo!" so as to minimize the firing-potential. Except that of course, I never, ever check anyone's anything from work. 'Cept that new guy in accounting. And not his black, black heart, because as we all know, accountants have black. black hearts).

These are on my iGoogle feed, beside the news, weather, urban word of the day, "cool tools", & "IKEA hacker". As well as several other "self-help" blogs that I routinely ignore [note to self: clean up iGoogle crap]. I don't feel I've done any of them justice in my explanations. They just seem to... resonate. Explore! Enjoy!

Lifecandy - my dealer pusher mentor in all things digi-social or socio-digital (I made them both up, so they are equally correct) Nenette will always take the top spot in any of these dorky lists I make up. That didn't sound right, but I'm leaving it, because she is just generally too hot to be negatively affected by the term "dorky". She gave me an awesomely outrageous Rockin' Blogger Friendship (I added the "rockin'" because she called me rockin' and who am I to argue?) award this week. I would totally spread around & give it - twice - to any of these contenders - including back to her if it were allowed - but I can't figure it out. She would totally show me too if we could get it together to get together. But we both have kids. In soccer (I fukkin hate soccer - there, I said it). And my questions are so stupid immature infantile let's just go with stupid, that they just can't be covered in 140 characters.

Still Life with Wyliekat - I originally thought she meant that as in a painting or photo (like a snap-shot of life). I just recently found out she means it more like "Life Goes On". She said it as she was expounding about getting older... [ppbbbtthhh] I find Wylie very grounding.

If That Ain't Country - Here is why the Cosmos allowed me to drag my ass on my high-five list. I'd like to say that I just discovered her, but [sniff] she actually discovered me. So then I discovered her back. And we've been discovering each other ever since. That sounds way worse than it should.

Diary of a Modern Matriarch - "You like drinking? HEY! I like drinking!" And you love your kids enough to kill for them but are still once in a while surprised you haven't eaten them yet? Me too! But really, her kids make my ovaries hurt.

Planning Queen - "Queen" is really a bit too modest, as it implies mortality. I'd use "goddess", myself. An excellent calm, rational parenting reference, I feel like she is the neighbourhood "together lady" and I am the drunk neighbour that stumbles over and says obnoxious things. Don't believe me? Check out my comments. Seriously, she's got excellent, simple ideas for child & family engagement. One of my favs is the family meeting.

The Bloggess - Was trying to avoid The alpha-bloggers because you know... they're so alpha. There are lots of good writers out there. Bloggers with Highly Developed Senses of Opinion. In the fourteen years since the invention of the internets (for me, anyway. First thing I did? Ego-Google. Except Google wasn't invented yet, so it was called an ego "search" [gasp]) I've seen a lot of stuff that made me laugh. Unfortunately, that has made me jaded. Jenny makes me cry big fat can't-breathe-or-make-intelligent-sounds tears (that's laughing, although it tends to sound more like the furnace seizing).

So The Fish Said - well, we've broken the alpha seal, so what the hay. Another one that has made me develop & repeat the mantra "Three kids is enough. Three kids is what we wanted. Three kids is probably three more than we can handle." She somehow makes NOT being an Uber-mom Uber.

lookin' for a dude... lookin' for a dude... ah! here's some dudes:

Rude Cactus - Another alpha. I guess there's a good reason why they're alpha... I don't want to blow his cover, but I've actually never seen anything rude there, so it's actually been highly disappointing. I do know enough that he'd probably take "blow his cover" and twist it around, so I guess some might consider that a little rude. Maybe it's about expectations.

Marshall - Not alpha, because Marshall is famous in *real life*. But as you know, real life has little relevance in the blogworld. His blog would be much better if he'd stop writing that damned book and work on it a little more (Marshall, if you're reading this, stop reading this and get back to work on that damned book. May 2010? Are you fucking kidding me? yes, I know the draft is "off" - we'll talk later of my issues with not being cc'd on that - but can't you edit, or nag or press-flesh & speed things along a little? Seriously. Stop now & get on that.)

Oops. That's more than five. You people all suck. Stop being so interesting. OKOK I take it back! Keep being interesting! I love you all! You know, in a non-creepy Internet-love kind of way. YES a non-creepy Internet-love IS possible. I just invented it.

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  1. I noticed 3 of them have been "clicked" by me in the past. I would say that's pretty good taste then.

  2. So you TOTALLY discovered me and when I get elevated to the ranks of alpha or famous writer like a certain family member...I will so give you credit. Thanks for the love! xx

    ps Your blog about blogging seems to be the exception that proves the rule about blogging about blogging. Wait - did that make sense?

  3. Ooh, awesome! New people to check out!

    And thanks for the love, lady.

    P.S. word verification is "unfrat" I think we should make that an integral word in our vocabulary once we define it. Such as, "I can't tonight, honey. I am too unfrat."

  4. LOl - actually, I do like a double, triple or quadruple entendre whenever I can find one, so my blog name is both a nod to art AND a belief that life goes on.

    Tidy, huh?

    Aw, doll - you're going to get discovered for your awesomeness soon enough - and then where will I be? I'll be a "yeah, I knew her when . . . "

  5. Oh, girlfriend, I love you too. :) And I consider "dorky hot" to be the highest of compliments. Really.

    I'm so glad I got you hooked on this stuff, because I've always thought you to be the most wet-myself funny writer I know, and now the the rest of the world is getting to know what I've already known forever.

    And you know, I'd much rather show-and-tell you bloggie stuff than go to soccer... although I'm not at the "I fukkin hate" point. I still hate camping more.

    Again, love ya, babe -- you got awesome taste in blogs! ;)

  6. Thanks for mentioning me!

    Thanks also for making me stay up late! I was just about to head off to bed and quickly skimmed my reader and read your post. It made me spend 30 minutes checking out the other blogs. Discovered some great new ones to add to my reader, so it was worth the time :) .

  7. Some awesome bloggers there!

    Now, off to visit the ones I've not met before.