Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You say it’s your birfday…

(This conversation took place in July. I'm a yiddle bit disappointed that it didn't play out the way he planned it. That would have been awesome.)

"I'm going to wap up a pwesant for you, Mommy when it's your birfday"

"Yeah? I like presents from my boy!"

"I'm going to wap up a wine machine for your birfday"

"That sounds like a great present"

"It's a yiddle bit different"


"It's wed. You put wine seeds in it and turn the handle and wine comes out. You have to put fwayver [flavour] in it too. It tastes a yiddle bit weird

"You know what else I'll get you for your birfday? A Hot Wheels screamer machine!"

"A what?"

"You have to put Hot Wheels cars in it and it turns into a green gun! It's a green skrisher gun. It helps to skrish everything.

"How does that sound? (Say 'petakwar')"



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  1. oh my god, that is awesome. or, as the hurricane would say, "that is berry good, hey mom?"

    i love little kids. i love the way they sound like english is a second language for them. also, it is great that your kids know early on that wine is what you want most for your birfday.

    i myself, might go for a green skrisher gun, because i have some stuffs and some fings dat need skrishing.

  2. What great gift ideas, so how do we go about making this hot wheel toy so that we can sell it to all the boys in the world and their Dad's?
    I think a wine making kit is a fine gift!

  3. OMG, please tell Stewie I think he's 'petakwar'! :)

  4. "petakwar" - how cute is that. And I am sure that you wanted the screamer machine!