Sunday, September 20, 2009

Open letter to Stone Fox about Twitter...

Or anyone else who hasn't been sucked in by the twmadness, which is how you have to twrite anything to do with twitter, like "tweeple", and "twitterverse" or "I have to twour myself a twup of twoffee and twlace it with a twoverdose of twerioine or maybe just twjam my twpen in my tweye to make it stwop" (and I'm actually kind of surprised that spellcheck still doesn't recognize any of those words).

Dear Stone Fox [and any and everyone else, as above],

Run. Run screaming if you have to.

But if you're still intrigued you CAN check it out without being "in" ( or use the handle of anyone else you'd like to stalk observe). I don't know why the hell you would be. I can't explain why I'm there. Even less why Max (@nickrollout - ask him why he picked that name. I think you'll be dry-heaving pleasantly surprised!) is, since like I said, he can "monitor" my "activities" from afar. I'm just glad he told me he was. Not like I was doing anything crazy or un-marriage-like. But still. It's nice to know you're being watched. For me, Twitter usually kind of feels like no one's watching. Which if you don't feel crazy for being there in the first place, can kind of make you feel crazy.

There's lots of crazy on the internex, isn't there?

Do you think it's re-focusing crazy from elsewhere in the world or just making more crzzzay?

By the way, if it isn't obvious, I love Twitter and would love you to join us ... join us ... join us ...


All in one week. My work here is done (see you next week, SciFi Dad).

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  1. i joined. i couldn't help it. there was mention of a free haircut coupon, and i am powerless to resist both free haircuts, and coupons. i sent my first tweet to you. and my second as well. and that is as far as i got.

    it *is* like sitting in an empty room talking to yourself because you are unsure if there is a hidden camera or microphone listening in. like, you kind of hope it was only a microphone because you don't want to have, on tape (forever!!), evidence of you picking a giant heater on your forehead, which you did because face it: sitting in a room by yourself when you don't have any twitter friends is kind of borink.

    so yeah. twitter is twawesome.

  2. I think twitter is killing blogging. Good anecdotes that could become great blog posts are pared down to 140 characters and prematurely ejaculated into the ether.

  3. I'm trying to stay the hell away from Twitter these days. And I know my 5000 tweets yesterday is making a liar out of me, but it's true. Yesterday was a total anomaly because I'm sick and I wanted to do something that required very little brainpower.
    And I think that's the power of Twitter: you can come up with, as SciFi Dad said, some great blog-worthy stuff, or you can crap out Contact-C-induced, shut-it-I'm-sick-and-will-say-whateverthehellIwannasay blather, like I did yesterday. Sadly, I got a better response from people with the latter rather than the former.

    So, after all that, come and join us, Stone Fox... you'll love it. And you'll probably hate us all for making you love it.

  4. I'm just glad I don't have a cellphone, I'd never get anything accomplished.

  5. I haven't opened the site in a while - I guess I missed the point?