Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day

It's the first day of school and my kid has no shoes.

Shouldn't someone have sent me a memo or something?

They sent you three. One for each kid. Each one said: "they need a special, separate pair of shoes for the classroom". Each one said: "first day of school is on the 9th. Of September".

Shut up. That doesn't count. They need to send them with an electric shock attached to them. In your face. Rebut that one.

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  1. The notes lie. We were told to send our kid with a snack for her afternoon of JK. She came home with an untouched snack and a growling stomach.

  2. I had no trouble with that. It's the 2nd pair of shoes that threw me off.
    I'm still not sure what they're for. Kevin (Gabe's dad) said it was for wearing in the gym, with its lovely newly-polished floor, but the note explicitly said that it was for outside recess.
    I'm confused. Whatever. If they really need another pair of shoes for him, I'll find out eventually.

  3. WHAT??? TWO??? I really need to find that letter...

  4. Who doesn't want to buy shoes? For anyone? For any reason? Period.

  5. everyone knows you don't take the first notice seriously. you have a couple months of "HEY! Did you get our last notice?!" notices before they start threatening to expel your child for marking up the gym with his black soled heelies. at least thats what it's like if you don't pay the gas bill.

    and i am not buying a new pair of shoes until they send home either a)a coupon for a free pair of shoes, or b)some hunnah dolla billz, y'all.

    you know what would be awesome? (for everyone except your kids) send your kids in wooden clogs or those chinese shoes that are made of wood and have braided grass straps. that would be AWESOME.

  6. Dude. I am SO going to have to take another, on-the-ball sort of parent with me when I have to start buying school stuff for E.

    But, uh, would you mind giving me permission right now to use this post in 4 years? Because the chances of me remembering to TAKE an on-the-ball parent with me are slim to none. Do they send notes for that?!

  7. My kid will be lucky to have a lunch packed. Shoes? That's their responsibility. It's called: body awareness.

    (wait...I was supposed to BUY them?...)

  8. In contrast, I think we've overshoed Rosebud. I crossed wires and thought that she needed white-soled runners for gym and classroom shoes for . . . well, ya know.

    I think she only needed the one.