Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy! Search! Terms!

click to enlargeSome blogging people end up with fantastic posts about all the *whacky* search terms used to find their blogs. Things seemingly unrelated, but probably connected somehow by the spaghetti of connections - both hard wired and programmed - that hold this bizarre internet together. We need to explain things, to figure out *what* in my series of characters strung together caused this connection? WHAT? HOW DID YOU GET HERE?

Not me. I'm just glad I wrote this post a while back, or I'd get no hits at all.

I'd like to think that, though I've temporarily derailed their quest(s) for - uh - higher learning through teh internetz, they've gained something. And if one - just one - pauses to think about what they're doing to -- ahahahahahaha!!! oh mercy.... good one Harmzie.

In reality, I get a great thrill out of yelling "HA! SUCKER!" every time I see a hit with that source.

I'm shallow.

I'm good with that.

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  1. Um, no offense but,uh, where are the monster boobs?

  2. now that i know you're yelling HA! SUCKER! at me, i'm going to to search for you with "one-eyed monster for the ladies" instead.

  3. I came here from Marshal Karp's blog, but now I'm gonna stay for the monster boobs.

    Neal Kristopher

  4. Ha! Monster boobs would have to come in threes or fives to peak curiosity in me. I have two of my own that I can look at any time I want, so an odd number and maybe a tentacle or two would have to be in the mix to hold my interest.