Friday, July 3, 2009

The Spinner

I have a "spinner":

1/ pull covers [unconsciously, of course] to chin [mmm coziness]

2/ feet get exposed

3/ pull covers with feet to cover said feet [exposes wife's feet? maybe]

4/ yell at wife for being "fussy" about having to have the blankets "just so" whilst he's sleeping.

[sigh] Amongst other splendiferous attributes, he cooks.

But if I were to start in on the splendiferous, it could start to drift away from entertaining and waver dangerously toward "ewww". So I'll just continue toying with the comfortable thought that he'll never start his own blog and start in on me.

Also? 16 years of legal, publicly acknowledged lust pawing "practicing" correction affection as of today. If you ever drag your sorry ass here and dare to take a peek at what I write about you, Happy Anniversary Max Power! The big wet smooches will be administered whether you drag your sorry ass here and dare to take a peek at what I write about you or not.

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Harmzie & Max!
    Be sure to enjoy some awesome, hot & sexy monkey-lovin' today. I insist!

    We love you guys! Giving you virtual hugs now because walking the block to give you real ones will have to wait till I really wake up. You're probably at work now anyway. :)

    Nen + the "M" people

  2. Congrats on a splendiferous 16 years. Now - I best not see you on FB or Twitter per Nen I hope you and Max are practicing the horizontal mambo. Although really - hot and sexy monkey lovin' sounded better. And now I'm all eeewwww myself b/c why the hell am I discussing your sex life??? Cut me off. Please. Smooches love! xoxoxo

  3. Thanks luvs!

    Unforts, Max is working tonight, so we've had to resort to dirty texting. Except that he has no means to dirty text, so it's just the knowledge that we're having simultaneous dirty thoughts.

    Also, according to sources, there is no traditional gift for 16 years - just coasting until 20 (modern? "silver holloware" WTF??)