Thursday, July 2, 2009

...and This Is Your Brain On Bugs

"Mom, if a bug crawled into your ear, could it get out the other side?"

"No dear, your brain is in the way."

"Oh. NO! Couldn't it crawl through like under and then around?" [lots of indecipherable hand motions]

"Your brain is still in the way"

"NOOOOOO! You don't understand what I mean..."

[Me thinking it's over, but 10 minutes later]:

"Here. This is your head. And this is the hole that they go through to get through the other side. It goes UNDER your brain!" [stupid]

Also, apparently we all look more like Shrek than we realize.

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  1. That's exactly what keeps me up at night, as documented here, in this documentary, clearly not a work of fiction, but it really happened!

    The Caterpillar

  2. Albert - you know, it's funny. I remember hearing that story when I was a kid (one grownup telling another - I think one had found an earwig) and NEVER knew where it came from! I've often recalled the story (that synopsis doesn't give away the ending, but I know it) though I don't think I've ever told it.

  3. This is why I don't have kids. I'd be posting shit 4 times a day. Seriously. I heart Pepper. I really do. Smooches.

    PS Nice tag (picture wednesday because I can't go wordless except it's Thursday but shut up and look at the shiny). Me like shiny. Me like shiny lots.

  4. Awesome! I love when Pepper has ideas and comes by to verify for veracity, complete with diagrams.
    My kids just come up with ideas, then come up with conclusions on their own, and accept them as correct because, hey, they thought of it, so of course it would be correct.
    For example, Lam would think the bugs would eat through the brain to get to the other side, accept that as truth, and then the general "freaking out because there's a bug near my ear" ensues.
    Arrogance is such a dangerous thing.

  5. LOL, I notice those (stupid) comments that go unsaid here too

  6. I absolutely LOVED the drawing. I'm still sitting here laughing ten minutes later...

    thanks for sharing both the art and the explanation...