Monday, November 3, 2008

I Heart Garbage Day

I know it's a horrible symptom of our throwaway society, but I love garbage day.

It's not that I like disposing of stuff. It's more the feeling of letting go. Even if it is garbage. I prefer giving my excess stuff to Canadian Diabetes, who comes and picks it up on pre-defined days. I have a personal policy of never saying no when they call, even if I can only cobble together one bag, so I am regularly purging in a good way.

But I have categories. Stacks and stacks of things "organized" (if you can call it that) into distributable piles: (1) Clothes from my #1 to my #2; (2) Clothes from my #2 to my #3 (the boy-appropriate stuff); (3) Stuff from my #2 to Nen's girl (that would be the girly stuff!); (4) Baby stuff that never made it to another baby, but my baby sisters & my own pack-rattedness (I get to make up words in Harmzieland) won't let me release to the rest of society - it's to go out to the farm; (5) Bigger stuff ("furniture" & small appliances, that they won't take on pick-up days) to go to Goodwill (6) Hazardous waste (paint, etc) - the depot's open when? I think last Saturday of the month... or is it the first? That is just the stuff on the move. There are many other categories & piles.All this stuff is on the way out and about and all requires one more (major) step to get it all the way out the door.

But Garbage Day comes every week.

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  1. Here's a vacation idea you might love... you come by and take a crack at my basement! Yay! It's no "Cam's Warehouse", but it's a real declutterers delight. There are things down there even I'm amazed to find.

    Punch cards? Yup.
    1200 baud modem? Tape reader? Yup, yup.

    Broken lamp I never got around to fixing? Picture in need of a frame? Other artwork requiring repair? Yup, yup, yup.

    Old toys that need to be loved by someone else (or else trashed, depending on condition)? More than you can shake a stick at.

    I'm telling you --- it would be heaven.

  2. Thanks for the offer. But next on the priority list (and likely intermeshing on the time-line) is helping bung out my grandma's place. Seems since she moved out her place has been a dumping ground of everyone's "I can't deal with this now (but CAN'T throw it out)" pile. Since I have stuff in that category that I want to go out there, I have to help make a place for it! ;-)

    I guess my main point was that, while I get huge satisfaction in the moving on of crap, I get lesser satisfaction from releasing garbage, but I get it consistently.

    Which reminds me: I think I missed it today. That explains that weighty feeling on my shoulders!