Sunday, November 2, 2008


I hate Halloween. It is yet another in a long line of yearly events where I over promise and under deliver. Fortunately for everyone (except me) the promises & deliverances are only internal and everyone else seems pleased, so I have to be happy with the results.

AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!This year Norah wanted to be a mummy. Seemed easy enough. But I decided to make it in such a way that it could be used again (and she could get out of it to pee - she had to wear it to school). So it ended up involving aOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO whole lot of hand stitching and two 2 am nights. I am now all to familiar with the Curse of the Mummy. But she loved it.

Pepper wanted to be a ghost. All she wanted was a sheet with holes cut in it, but I could not live with that! Well, being Safety-Mom, I couldn't allow the obscured vision (please ignore the mummy above). So I thought a spooky ghost would have a spooky forboding hood. and proceeded to create it accordingly.

Please try to ignore the potential ignition source at the bottom right... and, um: ribbitStewie wanted to be a frog. I was in a bit of a quandry since I did not expect to find a frog costume anywhere and didn't really have the time or energy to hunt all over the city to find one. Never mind actually make one with [gasp] a pattern. Then whilst pulling the other two costumes out of my ass, I found a horseshoe and located a "frog-prince" costume amongst the other mass-produced-by-slaves-in-a-third-world-country costumes. Lucky me!

Can I get you some candy?Then there was me. At the last minute, I thought it would be cool to hand out candy in complete bio-hazard outfitting, and giggled. Then I thought about some of the things I have around the house and over the phone from work got Max to pull them together for me. We mused that it would be cool to have some dry ice to complete the image. Then he started bugging me to find some (Googling it and finding locations to buy). Not feeling up to driving across town to acquire, I was hesitant. Then I found that a place actually within walking distance from my work (there is NOTHING actually within walking distance of my work, so this is significant - that and the fact that I drove) was a place that sells dry ice. Cool! (literally!)

Dad was working that night, but fortunately, my baby sister and her boyfriend have - since Norah (#1) was trick-or-treatable - had this strange attraction to the practice. They don't even offer, it's assumed! I love it, because (a) the kids love going out for a special night with Auntie (and OMG!!! It's Halloween!!!) but mostly (b) I don't have to go out on a (usually) freakin' cold night in pursuit of mounds of Halloween crack that I'm just going to have to battle over later (or break down and eat. You know, for the good of the children. Someone has to look out for the children.)

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