Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Venn Diagram

I was about 12 when I created my first Venn diagram (that I remember). I didn't realize that that's what I'd done, nor did I (shocking Nerdlinger admission) actually *draw* it out.

I was in the bathroom, probably sitting on the toilet (though that point is not particularly relevant). I was playing with the plunger (remember, 12) when I stuck it to the floor & pulled.

Up popped a floor tile.


OK, I might not have cursed, but it was entirely possible - and possibly, you know, worse, as I'm pretty sure I've been a potty-mouth since I could talk. If I did, I *might* have been smart enough to keep it under my breath (but no guarantees).

"DAMMIT!!" Because I suddenly realized the following Reasons I Am Busted:

(Thank you, thank you. Yes, it's good to be back. OK OK, put down that rake, violence will solve nothing)

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  1. Awesome PowerPoint skills there.

  2. Where's my graph? And at the rate it's taking you I might upgrade my demands to a flowchart. PS Welcome back

  3. This is so funny! I miss your blog!

  4. you know, since i read this last night, i have had it in my brain that the venn diagram had something to do with the plunger.

    instead of the ACTUAL DIAGRAM you posted.

    my stupidity amazes even me sometimes.

  5. I adore venn diagrams! What a lovely and perfect way to make your comeback. I expect to see more, my dear! xo