Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things that make me happy

I've been in a funk.

Mostly a blogging funk, but when we had to cancel the family road-trip to the west coast (breaking my mom's heart) due to automobile kerfluckedness, THEN suffered a self-imposed home-exile due to abhorrence to dealing with lice or lice-related issues any more than we had to. We did some fun stuff on our holidays, but still, it was no road-trip, and couldn't even be considered a bait-and-switch.

Then there was BlogHer. I didn't go last year, it didn't even occur to me to go (it did occur to me to make fun of it). This year was the same, except it DID occur to me to go. I'd befriended some pretty cool people in February (I mean IRL, they were already befriended) and there were mutterings of several of them going. Plus it was in New York. NEW FREAKING YORK! I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, going to New York would be on it (Chicago? check). I would have loved to see them all again & party in New Yawk. Seeing the photos, and even the videos, made me so sad I was shocked at myself. There isn't necessarily "always next year", as the people I want to see won't necessarily be there.

I decided to battle the crappy feelings by taking Nenette's lead (sure it was a month ago. I told you: blogging funk. I PASSED UP A MEME for crying out loud!) & coming up with some of the simple things that make me happy. I used her criteria: none of the obvious – family, friends, socio-economic status...

The happy list (in progress):

  1. Pasta, specifically spaghetti, with butter & salt
  2. My Ecco shoes – I've always heard tell of the magic shoe that feels like pillows on your feet. These are them, for me.
  3. My bed. I was nearly 40 before I threw a hissy fit and got – no, invested in a real bed. Not going into what we had before, because this is about what makes me happy!
  4. Sushi. With my GFs; with Max; with the kids; when Max makes it; with my sister. All are completely different experiences and all make me happy.
  5. My sister's expecting. In February. I'm so freaking excited, but it's just not What We Do to be all weepy & squealy (besides, she'd slap me). I'm glad Norah did that when she found out. It was like I was jumping and squealing vicariously through her. She is going to kick my ASS for putting it here. HA! If she ever read it!
  6. Taking photographs (with film). Haven't done it (really done it) in a long, long time, but it did make me happy.
  7. Minesweeper. Shut up.
  8. Washing my face. After some 35 years of fighting with skin products, I was looking up some Major Home Exfoliation Ritual that I think I found through Bionic Beauty and at the end of it they said, "or just use a rough face cloth & hot water" (???) so that is all I do now and it feels sooooo good. Add a touch of light moisturizer, and it sure doesn't hurt the happiness scale that Max says "mmm you smell so good"
  9. Elizabeth I
  10. Lasagne
  11. My parents' cottage lot. It has coexisting promises of a future of family gathering & relaxing solitude at the same time.
  12. xkcd
  13. Getting @ replies
  14. When the clock reads 12:34
  15. Seeing hot-air balloon in the sky (haven't seen any this year, wtf?)
  16. Painting my toes. Well, ok, my toe-nails. Although with my skill-level, I should just stick to calling it "painting my toes". But whatever, it makes me happy.
  17. Getting a pedicure. Thanks to Rougie, I'm going to go by myself on my birthday (unless I get a better offer???)
  18. Working in the garden

Wow. Lots of simple stuff makes me happy. What makes YOU happy?

(OMG! I really want some buttery/salty pasta RFN!)

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  1. Knowing that I have one day of work after this before my week of vacation.

  2. I love when you blog. You make me smile. My Fit Flops are right up there with your Ecco shoe love. Seriously, buy. Your life will never be the same.

  3. YAY! a post! :) Happy? my morning tea.

  4. As they occurred to me:

    - getting a good, solid hit in baseball.
    - barbecued flank
    - reading for a very long time, so long you're not sure what time it is when you look up
    - being pleasantly drunk or high, with friends, and not being sure what got us started laughing
    - being near water (lakes, oceans)
    - boobs.

  5. I wasn't at BlogHer either. I look at the pictures of everyone but us and go BUT WHERE"S HARMZIEEEEE???? Then I'm a little glad you didn't go so I didn't have to be the only one? MUAH!

  6. You blogging makes me happy. Now I have to stab myself for such a sentimental, schmucky comment. Also? I second AndreAnna. Fit Flops are life-altering.

  7. i'm with you on xkcd. my list also includes:
    foul language
    sex, drugs and rock and roll
    rubber ducks
    watermelon jolly ranchers
    polka dots
    your posts

  8. Ditto on the you blogging makes me happy thing! It totally gives me the warm-fuzzies.

    OMG, your sister's expecting?! which one?!

    Oh yeah, the rough cloth and hot water have been my "secret" for almost 2 decades now. My skin does a happy dance every time. :)

    I agree: "where are the hot air balloons?!"

    True on the gardening. The only thing you'd catch me doing outside when it's 30C is gardening... which is what happened last weekend. :)

  9. 1. That you follow my blog makes me deliriously happy.
    2. Working in a bookstore.
    3. Ice cream cones with chocolate sprinkles.
    4. Sitting in my backyard with a good book and no one bothering me.
    5. When my favorite song comes on the radio.

    Wish you had been had BlogHer!

  10. My upcoming vacation.

    Hope you get the funk out soon.

  11. I wish you'd year you'll have to! I plan to go for a 3rd time next year in Cali. As in "I'm goin' back to Cali..." Because that's how I roll.

  12. Pasta, sushi, then collapsing into my big bed... all good stuff!

    Add in my Kindle, and my dogs, and oh yeah my husband, and there is my list.

    Get out of your funk - you're funny. Blog more!

  13. Hi Harmzie, I was in a blogging funk for most of July... But I'm working through it. Sorry you couldn't go to Blogher. I've never been if that helps soothe you at all. Maybe someday, but I just can't afford it.

    Anywho, happier topics! I'm glad the water & washcloth trick works for you! That's what I always revert to when my skin freaks out from trying a new product. (It freaks out a LOT btw.) I've been using the little microfiber "suede-y feeling" washcloths or dishcloths (just cut the bigger ones up into 4s) that you find at the big box stores for super cheapo. They are soft and hold TONS of water!

    Just remember, blogging funk happens to us all. :)

  14. You have a list, too! Also, BlogHer was cool and all, but depressing at the same time. Hope you don't fret that one too much.