Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, I'm sitting in a colleague's office. We'll call him "Him". By way of background, we may have been known to banter a little. I might have just been riding him for stammering when I asked him what his wife did (he was really only pausing to determine into how much detail to go).

Him: "OK, so I'll get this [answer/drawing/chain letter] back to you tomorrow."

Me: "I'll be away all day tomorrow"

Him (faking incredulity): "How come YOU get a day off?!"

Me (getting attitude)(I know, strange): "*Actually*, I'll be in class all day. Saturday too."

Him (feeding on my attitude): "Really? Is it dance class?"

Me (now mustering all the bring-it-the-fuck-on-asshole I can)(possibly going for a smidgen of shock-value)(I can't say for sure)(it was a pretty snap decision): "Yes. It's pole dancing."

Him (not skipping a beat): "I didn't know you're Polish!"

Composure decimated.

I love my co workers (not like that)(don't tell them).

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  1. I never took you as a pole dancer. More like a lap dancer.

  2. I may have just snorted Diet Coke through my nose.

  3. @AndreAnna: I can tell you from experience that she does a mean slap-n-tickle.

  4. oh this was so the laugh i needed.

  5. What kind of engineers do you work with?

  6. Good ones.

    What other kind of engineers are there?

    I take that back, there are good engineers and then there are the ones who are in charge of planning traffic lights, road routes, where cities will expand, etc. The ones in charge of those aspects of city planning where I live are very disappointing.