Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Mark(er) of Integrity

The girls got these from Santa in their stockings (one each - duh!):

What they said on the package:

What would make more sense to have them say on the package:

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  1. LOL. Yeah. My children are weapons themselves when armed with colouring or writing implements.

  2. That's like those warning signs on water rides at amusement parks: May Get Wet. Well - duh...

  3. There's a hand-outline drawn on my daughter's closet door that would beg to differ that these are washable.

  4. What the heck? You've never read Robert Munsch (the Nostradamus of Canada)?

    This story, Purple, Green, and Yellow, pretty much predicts how markers and kids are going to end up.

    So... what colour is your husband today? :-)

  5. yeah, my beautiful round diningroom table is permanently decorated by these "washable" markers. LIARS!!!

  6. My youngest son learned to print his name about a year ago, I have various levels of ability within this house and on walls, chairs and other places that names don't go!