Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Any Idiot Can Do This!"

...and with apologies to those many exceptions that I frequent (& I mean frequent!), it would seem like it's true.

But I'm not just any idiot...

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  1. Well, it's about time, girlfriend! This idiot (meaning me!) can do it! And I bet you can do it better... not that you're a bigger idiot or anything :)

  2. Awesome, more drivel to clog up the internets... and for your kids to find when they're 16 and really mad at you for something.

    At least you have plausible deniability... "no, that's not me".

  3. drivel? ouch.

    Sheesh - I just started!

    As for plausible deniability (a term which I love, btw), I don't really have that. My Wii Mii is named "harmzie"; they loom over my shoulder & recognize my avatar; plus there's the photos of them. THAT's hard to plausibly deny.