Sunday, March 21, 2010


If you look to the upper right of your screen (assuming your screen looks anything like mine, which might be a huge assumption, me being only technically ept (how come "ept" isn't the opposite of "inept"?) enough to get myself into serious trouble and not necessarily out of it), you may notice the bio saying "something, something wife/mom/engineer something something". That might lead you to believe that I have some answers or at least suggestions about "balancing it all". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! [cack-choke-cough]
Ohhhhhhmercy… (Sucker).

Really, that was just a lure to reel in those who might also have some ideas/notions/ANSWERS (preferably EASY answers) and then I could check them out, absorb them, and then I'D have life-balance, and then I could stop blogging and just sip G & T in my perfectly life-balanced back yard (where it would always be a beautiful day)(and summer)(and that perfectly balanced lounge chair would show up on sale, too). Or, OR I could keep blogging about frivolous stuff (without feeling guilty about it)(or feeling guilty about not feeling guilty about it)(and so on).

So anyways, that hasn't panned out (my GAWD you people have a lot of problems!) and I've had to resort to the HARD way (sometimes known as "the only way"). Which pisses me off. Well, not really. Except on some level. Maybe the level where I thought there was another way. This post is making less and less sense. I wish there was some kind of an edit button.

Was there a point? Kind of, though maybe not a strong one. I went in to work today (yes, Sunday). Work is nutty. Like, kind of surreal nutty. I went in to get a handle on it. On my way in, I was kind of pouting. "It's Sunday morning. I want to be lounging in bed, doing my Sudorku, or crossword" (no, that's not code)(or is it?)(no, unfortunately, it's not). After four hours of pretty successful focussing and dragon-slaying, I returned home. We were heading out to my folks place and it occurred to me that I had to switch gears (from engineer) and be those other things. Given the success of the day, and how I was looking forward to spending some (albeit short) time with my family, I started to think that maybe it IS about focus. Be in the moment.

There it is, an easy answer: Breathe, and move on. And breathe again.

[But not when you put the glass up to your mouth, because that will make you choke, and that is just a waste of perfectly good gin]

Do you have any more easy answers? Please?

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  1. I loved this post. I want (easy) answers please. Where can I buy them? Target? I need to do more of that breathe and move on thing. Yeah, that must be the answer.

  2. Yeah, switching hats and focusing on the hat that you're wearing at the moment. Like that Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoon where the hats come floating down and they "become" the hat they put on -- other hats are forgotten.

    But yeah, um, I really have a hard time doing that. Maybe it's because I'm a spaz, or maybe it's because, being a stay-at-homer, I take on the leftover jobs no one else (ie. Roomie) wants to do, and all the hats end up melt into each other, resulting in a half-assed job done for all.

    Okay, sorry, dear. No easy answer here. Just me admitting I'm a spaz. But you know that already. :)

  3. I have no answers. But lots of love. And hugs. See how I noticed that you went missing? Actually - on second thought - maybe gin is an answer. In small doses.

  4. Balancing it all is crazy. I've been so overwhelmed lately,(Kids, job, wife, me) that I sometimes wonder if I remembered to put Pants on. Wrote about it, "Where are My Pants?" on our site.

    Your stream of consciousness was funny, even if I was having a hard time following. :)

    Solution: Always check to see if you're wearing pants. The rest will work itself out!

  5. I think the G&T in the lounge chair is right up there with the breathing. Yeah, breathing is totally underrated. My yoga teacher always says "Just Keep Breathing" and I always sort of think 'yeah, i guess that's really all we can do.'
    SO fucking Zen, I know. You're welcome.

    ;) xoxo

  6. I have just come off a mentally madly busy few weeks, so don't really feel in the position to offer easy answers! I know though I have learned a lot from this time and hopefully will be able to better manage next time!